Current Issue Vol.42,Issue 1,2018
Investigation of LoRa-based marine multifunction beacon network and its characteristics [Abstract] [PDF]
Application of Huffman and LZW algorithms in data compression for ocean-observation-buoy communication [Abstract] [PDF]
Water sampling from reservoirs in offshore districts using an unmanned surface vehicle: an application for the Ji-hong-tan reservoir [Abstract] [PDF]
Research on safety and hardware acceleration of ocean observing communication networks [Abstract] [PDF]
Air-sea integrating network for over-sea observation systems based on ad hoc networking using an UAV [Abstract] [PDF]
Application of a multiphase filter in frequency hopping demodulation [Abstract] [PDF]
Design and experiment on multi-means networking scheme for emergency monitoring of islands and reefs [Abstract] [PDF]
Investigation of Pix4Dmapper automatic data-processing technology in unmanned aerial vehicles [Abstract] [PDF]
Study of networking and communication technologies of unmanned aerial vehicles and their application in oceanographic observation [Abstract] [PDF]
The application of Wave MEPUSTM as a communication gateway for emergency ocean monitoring [Abstract] [PDF]
Deep Hashing Retrieval of ocean observation images and its FPGA in-orbit implementation [Abstract] [PDF]
A small LIF remote detection system for port oil spill monitoring [Abstract] [PDF]
Ocean oil-spill detection using Pol-SAR data based on GAWNN [Abstract] [PDF]
A detection and removal method for specular regions in USV monitoring images and experimental verification [Abstract] [PDF]
Marine farsighted target-detection method based on spatial distribution and statistical characteristics [Abstract] [PDF]
Global path planning algorithm for unmanned surface vehicle [Abstract] [PDF]
Optimal dynamic coverage for UAV/USV surveillance [Abstract] [PDF]
Full polarimetric SAR oil-spill extraction method based on multi-feature and multi-kernel learning [Abstract] [PDF]
Local steering collision avoidance path planning algorithm based on finite state machine model [Abstract] [PDF]
Development of microwave scattering model for sea-surface oil spills based on polarimetric X-band radar data [Abstract] [PDF]
Speed and heading control of unmanned surface vehicles system based on port-controlled hamiltonian (PCH) control method [Abstract] [PDF]
A fast processing method for high-resolution remote sensing image based on GPU and memory mapping file [Abstract] [PDF]
Cooperative path optimization of multi-UAVs when searching for maritime targets [Abstract] [PDF]
SAR oil-spill extraction method based on DRLSE model [Abstract] [PDF]
Analysis of oil-spill monitoring requirements and network observation scheme for event chain [Abstract] [PDF]
Investigation of performance evaluation methods in marine oil-spill monitoring networks [Abstract] [PDF]
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