Current Issue Vol.44,Issue 6,2020
Research on the remote sensing inversion fusion model of shallow water depth based on the piecewise adaptive algorithm [Abstract] [PDF]
Response of the tropical Atlantic Ocean to global warming in CESM [Abstract] [PDF]
Variations and influencing factors of the barrier islands near the Luan River estuary in the past 44 years—A case study of the Loong Island in Tangshan [Abstract] [PDF]
Application of BP neural network based on particle swarm optimization in seawater quality assessment [Abstract] [PDF]
Distribution characteristics and dynamic mechanism of Enteromorpha prolifera in the Yellow Sea in 2018 [Abstract] [PDF]
Phytoplankton community structure in the Bohai Sea in the spring of 2014 [Abstract] [PDF]
Study on antibiotic resistance of bacteria in oysters and their farming water [Abstract] [PDF]
Effects of salinity stress on the digestive physiology and anti-stress index of Yellowtail Kingfish (Seriola aureovittata) [Abstract] [PDF]
AVO template and its application for a gas-bearing reservoir in the deep water of the Baiyun area, the Pearl River Mouth Basin [Abstract] [PDF]
Identification and validation of sea-wave echoes collected by a Doppler weather radar based on a Bayes classifier [Abstract] [PDF]
Comparison of shallow water wave diffracted effects caused by a V-shaped breakwater and arc-shaped breakwater [Abstract] [PDF]
Diversity and community structure of the macrobenthos in Jiaozhou Bay in spring [Abstract] [PDF]
Community structure of nektons in Laizhou Bay, China [Abstract] [PDF]
Study on artificial breeding technique of Thais clavigera Kuster [Abstract] [PDF]
etermination of trace elements in marine organisms by anticorrosive and efficient digestion bomb-ICP-MS method [Abstract] [PDF]
Design of a mobile clean collection laboratory for trace elements in seawater [Abstract] [PDF]
Review of ship target imaging and type recognition by unmanned rotorcraft-borne radar [Abstract] [PDF]
Research progress of cysteine-rich intestinal protein [Abstract] [PDF]
Advances and future prospects in Conger myriaster research [Abstract] [PDF]
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