Current Issue Vol.44,Issue 1,2020
Storm wave forecasting technique for the nearshore aquaculture area of Hainan Island [Abstract] [PDF]
Variations in the tropical Western Pacific gyre during the 2015/2016 super El Niño event [Abstract] [PDF]
Temporal and spatial distribution and mixing behavior of nutrients in the Changjiang River Estuary [Abstract] [PDF]
Interaction between Marinibacillus campisalis and oceanic ferromanganese nodules [Abstract] [PDF]
Feasibility of seawater desalination powered by geothermal energy in Hainan [Abstract] [PDF]
Object-oriented classification and change monitoring of coastal wetland land covers [Abstract] [PDF]
Geostatistical analysis of the spatial variability of the initial corrosion rate of EH36 steel in the Yellow Sea [Abstract] [PDF]
Separation and purification of marine fouling bacteria and inhibition of metal ions [Abstract] [PDF]
TYR gene expression in gills and hepatopancreas of five populations of Ruditapes philippinarum under LPS Stress [Abstract] [PDF]
Population genetic diversity of Colpomenia peregrina along the coast of China [Abstract] [PDF]
Nano- and microalgal contents in the stomachs of the main economic shellfish in Sanmen Bay [Abstract] [PDF]
Application of optimized rapid light curves in the study of photoacclimation characteristics of benthic dinoflagellates [Abstract] [PDF]
Growth, shell color segregation, and total antioxidant capacity studies of yellow shell color families selected from Pinctada fucata martensii [Abstract] [PDF]
Effect of acute heat stress on plasma biochemical indexes in turbot Scophthalmus maximus [Abstract] [PDF]
Analysis of physiological responses in different populations of Crassostrea gigas to seawater acidification [Abstract] [PDF]
A multi-communication system used for an integrated marine observation buoy [Abstract] [PDF]
Research and application of three-anchor buoy integrated observation platform [Abstract] [PDF]
The tectonic evolution and sedimentary filling characteristics of the Mozambique Basin [Abstract] [PDF]
Progress of rip current research in China [Abstract] [PDF]
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