Current Issue Vol.43,Issue 11,2019
Inversion of the three-dimensional temperature field in the northern part of the South China Sea based on the remote satellite sea surface temperature and height [Abstract] [PDF]
Coastal evolution and its influencing factors in Gudong near-shore area of the Yellow River Delta [Abstract] [PDF]
Cloning and expression analysis of histone H3 in Alexandriumcatenella during the growth process [Abstract] [PDF]
Interaction effects of heterosis and triploid inductionon the larval growth and survival of Argopecten irradians [Abstract] [PDF]
Effect of temperature on the uptake and release of nitric oxide by marine diatoms [Abstract] [PDF]
The effect of physical environment on the distribution and dispersal of blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) larvae in the Gulf of Mexico [Abstract] [PDF]
Effects of long-term exposure to microplastics on Sarcophyton trocheliophorum [Abstract] [PDF]
Analysis of the genetic diversity of Urechis unicinctus in Laizhou Bay based on the mitochondrial COI gene sequence [Abstract] [PDF]
Comparison between two pretreatment methods of total carotenoid extraction from Paphia textile [Abstract] [PDF]
Design of automatic sensor identification and universal buoy data acquisition system based on serial communication [Abstract] [PDF]
Design of a multi-range, in-situ sensor detection system for seawater nutrient salt based on spectrophotometry [Abstract] [PDF]
An improved underwater acoustic localization algorithm [Abstract] [PDF]
Performance optimization of a floating wave-eliminating current machine based on the VOF model [Abstract] [PDF]
Study on the growth and gonadal development of Atlantic salmon under recirculating aquaculture [Abstract] [PDF]
Progress in parameterization of Langmuir circulation in Rey-nolds Average Navier-Stokes(RANS) model [Abstract] [PDF]
Review of the research on the cephalopod eye [Abstract] [PDF]
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