Current Issue Vol.44,Issue 2,2020
Seasonal and interannual variations of Kuroshio heat transport east of Taiwan Island [Abstract] [PDF]
Variations of landfalling tropical cyclones in China since the 1950s [Abstract] [PDF]
Simulation study of disastrous waves along Indonesia coasts [Abstract] [PDF]
The spatio-temporal distribution of meiofauna in Dadonghai beach (Sanya, China) and its influcing factors [Abstract] [PDF]
Effects of nitrogen limitation time on growth, total lipid content, and fatty acid composition of Halochlorococcum sarcotum and Nannochloris oculata [Abstract] [PDF]
Seasonal variation in the total organic carbon contents and the δ13C values of macroalgae in the rocky intertidal zone of the Zhangzi island [Abstract] [PDF]
Studying and simulating the effects of global warming on Suaeda salsa population growth and its litter decomposition in the coastal wetland of the Laizhou Bay [Abstract] [PDF]
Spatiotemporal distribution pattern of meiofauna and its influencing factors in the Jinshatan Beach, Dalian [Abstract] [PDF]
Community structure of crustaceans in the Zhoushan coastal fishery< [Abstract] [PDF]
Study on the feeding habits of Tectus pyramis in the coral reef ecosystem based on 18S rDNA barcoding [Abstract] [PDF]
Large-scale artificial reproduction and cultivation of the Jinjiang Oyster (Crassostrea ariakensis [Abstract] [PDF]
An appropriate concentration of vitamin E promotes gene expression of growth hormone in Cynoglossus semilaevis [Abstract] [PDF]
Adsorption of Cu2+ in aquaculture water using carboxyethyl chitosan (CEC)/montmorillonite adsorbent [Abstract] [PDF]
Study on the differences in physical and mechanical properties of soil inside and outside a seabed pockmark [Abstract] [PDF]
A review of Cretaceous ocean anoxia events [Abstract] [PDF]
Concentration statistics and detection technology of hydrogen sulfide in submarine hydrothermal vent fluids [Abstract] [PDF]
Review of coast quality models: Research process and outlook [Abstract] [PDF]
Current status of the operation and maintenance of large-scale marine equipment in the United States and its enlightenment to China [Abstract] [PDF]
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