Current Issue Vol.42,Issue 3,2018
Analysis of the Liaohe Delta sediment engineering geological characteristics in the Liaohe River [Abstract] [PDF]
Measurement analysis on the radiation noise characteristics of underwater piling in offshore wind farm [Abstract] [PDF]
Study of cloud detection method in the Yellow and Bohai Seas based on MODIS data [Abstract] [PDF]
Identification of immunoprotection proteins in the liver tissue of Larimichthys crocea [Abstract] [PDF]
Genetic structure analysis of five populations of Chiloscyllium plagiosum using inter-simple sequence repeat molecular markers [Abstract] [PDF]
Community structure and diversity of shrimp species in the coastal area of south Zhejiang [Abstract] [PDF]
Preliminary establishment of environmental management priorities based on sediment pollution risk and ecosystem service values: Bohai Sea [Abstract] [PDF]
Spatial and temporal variabilities of northern and southern sandy-coast beach profiles on the Eastern Shandong Peninsula [Abstract] [PDF]
Regionalization of environmental risk for renewable energy development in China’s coastal seas [Abstract] [PDF]
Cloning and mineralization-related functions of the PF-CREB3L2 gene in Pinctada fucata [Abstract] [PDF]
Morphological comparison and analysis of the vesicle and receptacle of floating and attached Sargassum horneri in Shandong peninsula [Abstract] [PDF]
Molecular cloning and characterization of GPR54-like receptor in the sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus [Abstract] [PDF]
Hypoglycemic activity of Haikunsang mixture on rats with type 2 diabetes mellitus [Abstract] [PDF]
Asymmetric bioreduction of o-, m-, and p-bromo acetophenone by whole cells of marine-derived fungi [Abstract] [PDF]
Research on coral reefal geological stability [Abstract] [PDF]
Research Overview of Submarine Pipeline Suspension Process and Protection Technology [Abstract] [PDF]
Research Status and Prospects of Marine Microplastics Contamination in the Chinese Oceans [Abstract] [PDF]
Study on the distribution of wave energy resources in China and the applicability of wave energy generation device [Abstract] [PDF]
Present Situation and Prospect of Economic Cephalopod Aquaculture in China [Abstract] [PDF]
Progress and perspective of microRNA research in marine animals [Abstract] [PDF]
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