Current Issue Vol.42,Issue 7,2018
Distribution and environment assessment of heavy metals in sediments of the Zhifu Bay [Abstract] [PDF]
Study on the retrieval of wave parameters from X-band marine radar under rainy condition [Abstract] [PDF]
The development of total nitrogen automatic monitor of ocean station [Abstract] [PDF]
A novel monitorable and controlable long-coring system with maximum operating depth 6 000 m [Abstract] [PDF]
Trend surface filtering method for multibeam sonar echosounding data based on median filter weighed correction [Abstract] [PDF]
Assemblage characteristics of invertebrates in the Yangtze River Estuary driven by environmental factors [Abstract] [PDF]
The Polysaccharide Extraction Process by PEF Enzyme Binding Method from Sipunculus nudus [Abstract] [PDF]
Design and implementation of Shanghai Yangtze Estuarine Nature Reserve for Chinese sturgeon information management system [Abstract] [PDF]
Composition and element occurrence states of recent metalliferous sediments from the East Pacific Rise at 13°N [Abstract] [PDF]
Research on the identification of ocean sensitive area in adaptive observation for the temperature of the Kuroshio watershed [Abstract] [PDF]
The identification of Porphyra culture area by remote sensing and spatial distribution change and driving factors analysis [Abstract] [PDF]
Investigation of heavy metals and petroleum of red beach in Panjin [Abstract] [PDF]
Isolation and functional evaluation of oil degrading bacteria in the rhizosphere of Beidaihe coastal wetlands [Abstract] [PDF]
Netz-phytoplankton community structure of the tropical Western Pacific Ocean in summer 2016 [Abstract] [PDF]
Research progress on C4 carbon fixation pathway of diatoms [Abstract] [PDF]
The research progress on the tolerating mechanism for sulfide in Urechis unicinctus [Abstract] [PDF]
A review on bioluminescent dinoflagellates in the ocean [Abstract] [PDF]
Progress and perspective on numerical simulation of hazardous chemicals’ drift-diffusion in the sea [Abstract] [PDF]
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