Current Issue Vol.42,Issue 4,2018
Propagation of the Subtropical Northeastern Pacific SSTA and Its Correlation with ENSO [Abstract] [PDF]
Research on the enhanced performance of texture feature for sea ice drift monitoring based on gray level co-occurrence matrices [Abstract] [PDF]
Engineering geological zoning of Chengbei sea area and stability assessment using fuzzy mathematics [Abstract] [PDF]
Spatiotemporal evolution of the shoreline and evaluation of sea reclamation during the recent 40 years in the Zhifu Bay [Abstract] [PDF]
Study of spatial and temporal processes of sea temperature in the South China Sea based on GIS [Abstract] [PDF]
Impact of the acclimation temperature and warming rate on three common crustaceans in Sanmen Bay, the East China Sea [Abstract] [PDF]
Preliminary study on the diversity of planktonic bacteria in the adjacent sea area of the Arctic Yellow River Station [Abstract] [PDF]
Study on the cytotoxicity of zinc chloride to Trachidermus fasciatus kidney cell lines in vitro [Abstract] [PDF]
Effect of different temperatures on growth and photosynthetic characteristic of Laminaria hyperborea young seedling [Abstract] [PDF]
Determination of 41 Elements and Oxides in Marine Sediments by X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry [Abstract] [PDF]
The sedimentary environment and provenance analysis based on geochemical characteristics of rare-earth elements in deepwater well core of the Qiongdongnan Basin [Abstract] [PDF]
Meiofaunal community structure and environmental conditions in Laizhou Bay and the Muping offshore area in summer [Abstract] [PDF]
Temporal and spatial distributions of carbon sink capacity and scale of algae culture in the Yellow and Bohai Seas [Abstract] [PDF]
Molecular cloning of sea cucumber eukaryotic translation initiation factor (eif2s1) gene and its expression analysis [Abstract] [PDF]
Necessity of foxl2 in the oogenesis of the scallop Chlamys farreri [Abstract] [PDF]
Effect of acute nitrite on antioxidant enzymes and cortisol in juvenile Lates calcarifer [Abstract] [PDF]
Applications of aeolian quartz in provenance tracing and paleoclimatic research [Abstract] [PDF]
Review on magmatic contribution to seafloor hydrothermal systems [Abstract] [PDF]
Progress in the study of red algal floridosides [Abstract] [PDF]
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