Current Issue Vol.43,Issue 8,2019
Morphological structure and evolution of accretionary wedge in the northern part of Manila subduction zone [Abstract] [PDF]
Spatial-temporal characters of coastline changes in the Strait of Malacca during 1988-2015 [Abstract] [PDF]
Analysis of surface sediment environment division and heavy metal pollution character in Hangzhou Bay and its adjacent areas [Abstract] [PDF]
Preparation of low-molecular-weight potassium κ-carrageenan by enzymatic hydrolysis and its antihypertensive effect on SHR [Abstract] [PDF]
Study of the secondary metabolites of Aspergillus fumigatus from the deepsea zone of the Indian Ocean [Abstract] [PDF]
New discovery of larger seagrass beds with areas >0.50 km2 in temperate waters of China: ⅡThe largest Zostera marina bed in China discovered in the coastal waters of Tangshan in the Bohai Sea by sonar detection technology [Abstract] [PDF]
Cloning and expression of FAXDC2 in Octopus vulgaris [Abstract] [PDF]
Comparison of growth and survival among the hybrid offspring of Mytilus galloprovincialis and M. coruscus from laboratory crosses [Abstract] [PDF]
Correlatioin and path coefficient analysis on body weight and morphometric traiths of four-month-old juvenile cobia (Rachycentron canadum [Abstract] [PDF]
Automatic extracting target contour of side-scan sonar images by uniting K-means clustering with mathematical morphology [Abstract] [PDF]
Buoy powered by a photovoltaic control system design based on STM32

[Abstract] [PDF]
Advances in research on the host and the enrichment mechanism of REY-rich mud in deep-sea Sediments [Abstract] [PDF]
Research progress of metacaspase proteases in marine phytoplankton [Abstract] [PDF]
Characteristics of solid waste generation and disposal method in small islands [Abstract] [PDF]
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